Have you heard about Prezi?

It's a dynamic cloud-based alternative to PowerPoint - a cloud-based presentation tool that ZOOMS!

Take this one-hour basic tutorial to discover:
  • What is Prezi?
  • What can you do with it?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it hard to learn?

This introductory course offers clear explanations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. It will give you a solid understanding and just enough practical experience so you can decide for yourself if Prezi is right for you.

Prezi Classic

There are two different versions of Prezi - the original Prezi Classic and the new Prezi Next. This course is for Prezi Classic.

Learn from an Official Independent Prezi Expert

Veteran software trainer, Robin Pierman, is one of a selected few to be recognized by Prezi as an expert trainer. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn Prezi from a professional instructor who has truly mastered the software.

Robin Pierman

Robin Pierman

Certified Independent Prezi Expert

Hi. I'm Robin Pierman.

I've been teaching people how to use computer software applications for over 20 years of my life. In those many years in corporate conference rooms, conference centers, and university classrooms, I relied on PowerPoint for visual support of my programs. I'm even certified by Microsoft as a PowerPoint Specialist.

Four years ago, I discovered Prezi. I saw great potential in using it in place of PowerPoint. I tried to use it for an upcoming conference, but got hopelessly lost and frustrated trying to figure it out. As technically savvy as I was, I still found Prezi difficult to master because it was so different than PowerPoint.

Since it was almost impossible to find effective and up-to-date Prezi training materials, I decided to develop my own. My company, TeachMePrezi, grew out of the need for high-quality, affordable training. Using my training and instructional design background, I created a variety of options that will suit the needs of anyone who wants to learn Prezi.

My efforts were recognized by the Prezi company when they endorsed me as one of their official Independent Prezi Experts. I'm proud to say that I am one of only seven Experts in the United States, and one of fewer than 50 worldwide.

If you have the desire to learn Prezi, I hope you'll allow me to use my training skills and Prezi expertise to help you master this exciting and creative new way to present.

Please contact Robin@TeachMePrezi.com for questions or comments about this course

Course Includes

10 Videos

4 Texts

5 PDFs

1.0 hr